A Love for Massage

the Magic of Massage Modalities

I’ve loved massage since my first Swedish massage experience.  The soothing long strokes transported me to a new way of being.  I entered with a monkey mind unable to stop obsessing over work, family, health and after just sixty minutes emerged calm, refreshed, centered, grounded.  It seems a bit like magic.  After a few decades behind a desk and in front of a podium, using the full talent of my mental muscle, I realized there was more.  The mind and spirit have the power of being and planning, the body has the power of doing.  I sought the wholeness and magic of a strong connection between mind, body and spirit.  There are more than 250 types of massage modalities. The right technique can complete the mind, body, spirit circuit and create miracles

Whether you need to relax and have forgotten how to get out of your mind and into your body, if you are facing the task of healing an illness or injury, or if you’ve finally recognized that the constant stress you carry is affecting everything in your world, I’d be delighted to apply that magical healing touch through amazing massage.

Artwork by Artist James R. Eads


Haptic Modalities –

the methods of massage

Translating Technique into Healing Touch

We all communicate through touch – haptic communication. We have felt it since our first embrace from our parents.  Rocking, stroking, caressing, slapping, punching, and pulling were a part of everyone’s childhood. Every touch communicated something. Massage therapy uses touch to communicate health and healing. As a  Florida Licensed Massage Therpist I have studied basic health care, physiology, anatomy and pathology to provide a foundation in healing and healthcare. 

Haptic communication for massage is the study of modes, methods and techniques for touching. We call them modalities  There are over 250 modalities for massage.  Each modality communicates differently with the body. Haptic communication affect physical and emotional responses. Every body experiences each modality differently. 

Every massage therapist is taught the long flowing stroked used in the Swedish modality and the focused pressured touch of deep tissue and trigger point work.  Our massage therapists continue to obtain education on new and effective modalities so they can apply these techniques to your customized massage.

Your Sanctuary

Feel Safe, Soothed and Serene

Let’s face it – life is full of stress.  Do you ever find yourself feeling tired, moody, on edge?  Do you ever find your weight fluctuating, your memory fogging, and generally feeling that you need a vacation?  These are just some of the signs of stress. Stress can cause or enhance an array of illnesses including obesity, depression, heart disorders, blood pressure disorders, sleep disturbances and more. Stress brings on the fight, flight or freeze response that interferes with our spirit, mind and body functions making us feel the need to protect and defend ourselves at all times.

At Celestial Massage you can feel safe, physically and emotionally. We make certain the room temperature, music and the pressure of our touch assures you are safe, you can let go, you can relax.